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Japanese External Reverse Porro Prism Binoculars. VIRTUAL MUSEUM

Der unterhaltsame fernglas Markenname.

Amusant miniature jumelles marques.

Развлечения с миниатюрных бинокли имен.

Diversión con binoculares en miniatura nombres


Text Box:  Miniature Binocular Iconography
  Fernglas  Bildniskunde. Jumelles Iconographie. Бинокли Петербург. 
  Iconografía Prismáticos.  双眼鏡ブランド。 関連付けられているイメージ。

Photo: W. Lloyd MacKenzie, via Flickr

@ http://www.flickr.com/photos/fron_blaze/

Text Box: Eagle Binoculars with an Interesting History. „Eagle“ Fernglas mit einer interessanten Geschichte. «Eagle» jumelles avec une Histoire Intéressante. «Eagle» Бинокль с интересной историей. Eagle 興味深い歴史を持つ双眼鏡.Eagle Kikare med en Intressant Historia. Prismáticos Eagle con una historia interesante.

Sometimes binoculars are more interesting because of what they have done and where they have been and what events they have been associated with. These modest Eagle brand binoculars were made in Japan by Meiji Seiko Co Ltd ( 明治精工株式会社 ) and were imported into the UK under the Nov 1962 UK Japan binoculars import quota, and then sent out to the Royal Air Force station at El Adem, Libya, where they were sold to a RAF staff member of the base through the El Adem Welfare Shop (similar to the US Army PX shops) on Feb. 4 1963. They were sold with the condition that they could not be transferred off the base to anyone in Libya. RAF station El Adem, located 16 km south of Tobruk (now Gamal Abdul El Nasser Air base) had been a WWII British air base, and during the 1960’s was a staging and transit base for the British air force. In any case, the owner did bring them back to England at the end of their posting, and they were eventually donated to a hospice charity in London, where they were acquired for the collection and made their way to this collection and the internet. Events not envisioned by whoever purchased them at an outpost in the desert.

RAF base Al Adem in 1966, 3 years after the binoculars were purchased there.

Landing at RAF base Al Adem. Photo credit Ray Hindle.

Japanese binoculars documented sold at RAF air base, El Adem, Libya in February 1963. Collection of Mark Ohno

According to John Cooper who served in TASS/Transit Aircraft Servicing Section Oct 1963-Aug 1965 “All of us who were posted to RAF El Adem felt we had done something wrong to be sent there.” He was happy to finally leave with a perforated eardrum and war pension as souvenirs. Kevin Slattery, stationed at the associated Tobruk Garrison, noted “The nearest café/ restaurant to El Adem/Tobruk was situated in Benghazi 300 miles away, still we did have the NAAFI’s and Salvation Army to keep us fed as well as the cockroach infested servery of the cookhouse”… and said the most popular base tune on base was “We Gotta Get Out of this Place if it’s the last thing we ever do” by Eric Burden and the Animals. Still, he had fond memories of shooting quail as they came to drink at the camp sewer outlet. And shooting wild dogs. And getting dropped into the sea so air rescue could practice trying to find him.

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Text Box:  Almost What It Seems. Fast, Was Es Scheint, Zu Sein. Presque ce Qu’il Semble. Почти что такое представляется. ほとんどそれがそうであるよ うに思われるもの. Nästan Vad Det Vekar. Casi pero no del Todo.



Text Box: By the time WWII was over, a lot of returning American and British soldiers had joined prewar hunters and sportsmen in thinking that the best  German binoculars were superior to American and British binoculars. I have to admit thoroughly enjoying some of the Japanese post war marketing efforts to cash in on the names of the famous German optical firms.


Berühmt und Deutsch. Célèbre et en Allemand. Famoso y Alemán.


Fast berühmt und fast deutsch. Presque célèbre et presque Allemand. Casi Famoso y Casi Alemán.

Carl Wetzlar

Hans Weiss


Jana Deluxe

Karl Heitz

Karl Siez

Carl Seitz

Carl Seitz Berlin

Karl Weiz

Carl Wetzlar Jenar

Carl Dietz

...but made by companies like Tozaki Kogaku Kogyo & Miyako Seiki Co.


So many Carl Wetzlar binoculars were imported and distributed in Canada by W. Carsen Co Ltd 31 Scarsdale Rd Don Mills, Ontario, in the 1960’s and 1970’s that it is a well established and well recognized brand name there. Carsen Co also imported and distributed Olympus medical and laboratory optics, and professional motion picture cameras including Bolex under their Charvoz subsidiary. The medical optics successor co was apparently bought by Olympus in 2006.

Photo credit Karen Arnold

Three of my old Land Rovers were used in a fashion photo shoot for the Bob’s Clothing store chain in 2015, and six or seven of the resulting photos appeared in their catalogs and flyers and on the store’s website. I snapped a few photos of my own during the shoot.

Photo credit George Hodan

I acquired the bamboo arrows and quiver and a traditional 6 foot tall wooden long bow from a renowned 20th generation bow maker on one of a number of trips to Japan 40 years ago. It was an interesting challenge getting them through the Narita airport security checkpoint.. but I did.