Woman looking through miniature binoculars.
Femme utilisant ses jumelles.
Frau mit  ihrem fernglas.
Mujer usando suis binoculares.
Mujer usando suis prismaticos.
Donna che usa il suo binocolo.
Kvinna som anvander sin vikare
Vrouw die haar verrekijker gebruikt.
Durbun uhu kullanan kadin.
No hasznalja a tavcsovet.
Kobieta uzywajaca korntki.
Nainen kayttaa kiikareita.Zena pomoci dalekohledu.
Miniature binoculars: the origins

US Patent of Fata Morgana Binoculars. Patentierung des Miniaturfernglases „Fata Morgana“ in den USA. Jumelles «Fata Morgana» Brevet D’Invention des Etats Unis. Соединенные Штаты Америки в патента «Fata Morgana» бинокль. Amerikanska Patentet för "Fata Morgana" Kikare.«Fata Morgana» Prismáticos Patente en Estados Unidos. USA Brevetto di Binocoli «Fata Morgana»

Fata Morgan binoculars US patent

British Patent #151,452 of Fata Morgana Binoculars Patentierung des Miniaturfernglases „Fata Morgana“ in Großbritannien (Patent Nr 151,452). «Fata Morgana» Jumelles Brevet D’Invention de l'Angleterre: 151,452. Британский патент на «Fata Morgana» бинокль: 51,452. Brittiska Patentet för " Fata Morgana " Kikare: 51,452. «Fata Morgana» Prismáticos Patente en Inglaterra Número: 151,452. Brevetto Britannico (numero 151,452) do Binocolo «Fata Morgana».

US Trademark of Fata Morgana binoculars. Das Eingetragene Warenzeichen „Fata Morgana“ (USA). Marque Déposée Americaine pour les Jumelles «Fata Morgana». «Fata Morgana» Товарный знак в США. Amerikanska Trade för "Fata Morgana" Kikare. «Fata Morgana» Prismáticos Marca Registrada en Estados Unidos.  Marchio di USA del Binocolo «Fata Morgana».

French Patent #518,603 of   Fata Morgana Binoculars Patentierung des Miniaturfernglases „Fata Morgana“ in Frankreich (patent Nr. 518,603). «Fata Morgana Jumelles» Brevet D’Invention Français Numéro 518,603. Французский патент на «Fata Morgana»" бинокль: 518,603. Franska patentet för " Fata Morgana " Kikare« Fata Morgana» Prismáticos Patente en Francia Número 518,603.

Other Binoculars Invented by A. Baumann and Distributed by Füllgrabe. Weitere von A. Baumann erfundene und durch A. Füllgrabe vertriebene Ferngläser. D'autres Jumelles Non Miniatures Inventées par A. Baumann et Distribuées par Fullgrabe. Otros Prismáticos  Inventado por A. Baumann y Distribuido por Fullgrabe. Altri Binocoli Inventati da A. Baumann e Distributi da Fullgrabe.

Though not of the miniature pattern, Füllgrabe marketed a different pattern of binocular in two powers, with Schmidt-Pechan prisms, using serial number blocks probably not expected to overlap the  Fata Morgana serial numbers and below the observed Optistar serial numbers. They may utilize components of the Alfred Baumann Austrian patent # 93430 issued Feb 15, 1923, though are not identical to that. These are presented here largely because of how their serial numbers interact with Fata Morgana and Optistar binoculars serial numbers.

Füllgrabe Ultramont & Ultramar binoculars

Collection of and photos by Ulrich Zeun, Germany

Ultramar Binoculars

Serial # 30063 8x40 Ultramar binocular, list of Dr Hans Seeger, Hamburg, Germany

Serial # 30122 8x40 Ultramar binocular, collection of Ulrich Zeun, Germany

Ultramont Binoculars

Serial # 32598 6x30 Ultramont binocular, collection of Ulrich Zeun, Germany

Serial # 32601 6x30 Ultramont binocular, list of Dr Hans Seeger, Hamburg, Germany

Serial # 83735 6x30 Ultramont binocular, collection of Ulrich Zeun, Germany

  Lunettes à Prisms D’Inverssion, French Patent # 543,670, granted June 8, 1922

 Fernorohr mit Umkehrprismen, Swiss Patent # 99319, granted May 16,1923

 Prismenfernrohr, German Patent # 93430, granted Feb 15, 1923

 Double Télescope, French Patent #510,036, granted Aug 28,1920

 Improvements in Double Prismatic Telescopes, British Patent # 163,104, granted May 10, 1921

 Prismen–Doppelfernohr, Swiss patent #87066, granted Nov 1, 1920

 Improvements in Prismatic Binocular Glasses, British Patent # 151,452, granted Sept 30,1920

 Optical Instrument, US Patent # 1397,156, granted Nov 15, 1921

 Prismendoppelfernrohr, Swiss Patent # 85417, granted June 16, 1920

 Jumelle à Prismes, French Patent # 518,603, granted June 16, 1921

 Prismendoppelfernrohr, Austrian Patent # 86760, granted Dec 27, 1921

 Prismendoppelfernrohr, German Patent # 340838, granted Sept 21, 1921

 Fassung von Lisen Fuer Optische Instrumente, German Patent # 333646, granted May 3, 1921

Official gazette of the United States Patent Office, Volume 283. ***Note claim of use since early 1919****

Alfred Baumann & Binocular Maker Carl Schütz in Cassel in 1917 ? Mögliche Verbindung Zwischen A. Baumann und Fernglashersteller Carl Schütz, Cassel (1917). Alfred Baumann a-t-il été Associé au Fabricant Jumelles Schütz à Cassel en 1917 ? Alfred Baumann И бинокли производитель. Carl Schütz в городе Cassel 1917? Alfred Baumann y Prismáticos Fabricante Carl Schütz en Cassel en 1917 ? Alfred Baumann e Produttore Binoculaire Carl Schütz a Cassel nel 1917 ?

Alfred Baumann’s Optical Patents. Alfred Baumanns Optische Patente. Les Brevets Optiques de Alfred Baumann.  Оптический патентов Alfred Baumann. Alfred Baumann Óptico de Patentes. Brevetti Ottici di Alfred Baumann.

The Zeitschrift der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Mechanik und Optik (Journal of the German Society for mechanics and optics) noted that in 1917 that Alfred Bauman was elevated to the board of directors of the Optical Works Carl Schutz & Co in Cassel. It is very likely the same Alfred Baumann associated with the Fata Morgana binoculars.

Using the Fata Morgana binoculars. Unter Verwendung der Fata Morgana-Ferngläser. Jumelles de Fata Morgana en service

Der in einer 1917 in der Zeitschrift der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Mechanik und Optik veröffentlichten Mitteilung erwähnte   Alfred Baumann könnte mit dem Erfinder der „ Fata Morgana”-Ferngläser identisch sein.Le Journal de la société allemande pour la mécanique et l'optique à noté en 1917 qu'Alfred Bauman à été nomme au conseil d'administration des travaux optiques Carl Schutz et cie à Cassel. C'est probablement le même Alfred Baumann lié aux jumelles Fata Morgana.

Man observing with miniature binoculars.
Mann mit miniatur fernglas.
Homme avec des jumelles miniature.
Hombre con binoculares en miniatura.
Hombre con prismaticos en miniatura.
Man med minaityr kikare.
L'uomo con il binocolo in miniatura.
Man avander sin kikare.
Man die zijn verrekijker gebtuitk.Mezczyzna uzywajacy lornetki.
Durbununu kullanan adam turk.
Ember hasznalja a tavcsovet.
Mand, de bruger sin kikkert.
Mies kiikareillaan.
Muz pomoci sveho dalekohkedu.
Covjek Koji koristi svoj dalekozor.

Using the Fata Morgana binoculars, with handle. „Fata Morgana“-Fernglas im Einsatz. Jumelles de «Fata Morgana» Avec de poignées en service

Man observing with miniature binoculars.
Mann beobachtet mit miniatur fernglas.
Homme observant avec des jumelles miniature.
Hombre observant con binoculares en miniatura.
Hombre observant con prismaticos en miniatura.
Man observarar med miniatyr kikare.
L'uomo nosserva con il binocolo in miniatura. 
Durbununu kullanan adam.
Ember hasznalja a tavcsovet.
Mezczyzna uzywajacy lornetki.
Mand, de bruger sin kikkert.
Mies kiikareillaan.
Muz pomoci sveho dalekohkedu.
Covjek koji koristi svoj dalekozor.

Ulrich Zeun notes that his Ultrmar and Ultramont binoculars carry both the “ABC” marking of Alfred Bauman Cassel as well as the “A Füllgrabe” marking of August Füellgrabe marking, providing a documented linking these two men and entities.

Japanese External Reverse Porro Prism Binoculars. ON LINE MUSEUM

I conducted an 80 country manual patent and trademark search, and had a search done using Thomson Reuters  Micropatent® Patent Web. Most of the documents discovered may be examined at Espacenet, the on-line component of the European Patent Office, and US patents can be viewed at http://www.uspto.gov/patents/process/search/

Examining the Case Designs of Optistar Binoculars . Der Köcher des „Optistar“- Fernglases.  A Propos des Etuis pour les Jumelles «Optistar». Различные «Fata Morgana» бинокли случаях. Examen de la «Optistar» Prismáticos Diseños de Casos. Esaminando di Disegni del Caso di Binocoli «Optistar» .

Optistar binoculars with case, serial number 41292

Collection of Mark Ohno, USA Sourced in the UK

Optistar 6x binoculars w/case

serial # 41314. Origin: Cassel, Germany. Sourced in the UK Collection of Ron Rosen, USA., Photos courtesy Ron Rosen

Alfred Baumann and August Füllgrabe . Alfred Baumann und August Füllgrabe. Alfred Baumann et August Fullgrabe. Alfred Baumann И August Fullgrabe. Alfred Baumann y August Fullgrabe. Alfred Baumann e August Fullgrabe.

Fata Morgana Binoculars in the UK. „ Fata Morgana“- Ferngläser in  Großbritannien. Jumelles «Fata Morgana» Jumelles et l’Angleterre. «Fata Morgana» Бинокль продается в Англии. «Fata Morgana» . 双眼鏡。 イギリスでの販売 . “Fata Morgana” Kikare i England. «Fata Morgana» Prismáticos en Inglaterra. «Fata Morgana» binocolo in Inghilterra

Fata Morgana 4x binoculars

serial # 10202

with label in case marked for

John Barker & Co Ltd. Kensington, Opticians

Origin: Kassel, Germany.

Binoculars Sourced in the UK

Collection of Mark Ohno

Optistar Binoculars Advertisement

Optistar Advertisement discovered by Günter Kampf in the Deutsche Optische Wochenschrift Jg.XII, Nr6,  Jahrg.1927 (German Optical Weekly Review, No 6, February 1927) with help from the staff of the Stadtmuseum Wedel. Photo courtesy Günter Kampf

“The perfect miniature prism binoculars are the Optistar  binoculars. 6x power of magnification. Sharpest Optics. Weight 100 grams. August Füllgrabe & Co. Kassel. Factory for Precision Optics & Electrical Engineering

Note use of the term “miniatur-Prismenglas” or miniature prism binoculars, and later spelling as Kassel rather than the earlier Cassel.


Using Fata Morgana binoculars. „Fata Morgana“ Ferngläser im Gebrauch. Jumelles «Fata Morgana» en cours d’utilization.

Man observing with binoculars.
Mann beobachtet mit einem fernglas.
Homme observant avec des jumelles.
Hombre observando con binoculares.
Man observerar med kikare.
L'uomo osserva con il binocolo.
Man anvander sin kikare.
Man die zijn verrekijker gebruikt.
Durbununu kullananadam
Enber hasznalja a tavcosvert
Mezczyzna uzywajacy lornetki.
Mand, de bruger sin kikkert.
Mies kiikareillaan.
Muz pomoci sveho dalekohledu.

August Füllgrabe Fata Morgana Crystal Radio ca 1925

Photos through the generosity of Nick Tsagarakis, Germany. Fata Morgana Kristall Radio von August Füllgrabe, 1925

The other ‘Fata Morgana’ product that was marketed by August Füllgrabe & Co. was their crystal (Kristall) radio set. This is dated prior to 1926, as Cassel became Kassel in 1926. This radio has the Fata Morgana marking in plain letters. Another example was observed with the Fata Morgana in script in the style as used on the binoculars. Note that the company label says “factory for precision optics and electrical engineering”.

Advertisement soliciting dealers for the binoculette Fata Morgana, in the Commoner Newspaper, Lincoln, Nebraska, May 1922

Cat with binoculars.
Hubsche katze mit fernglas.
Joli Chat avec jumelles.
Bonito gato con binoculares.
Vacker katt med kikare.
Grazioso gatto con binocolo.
Gato con prismaticos.
Gatto con il binocolo.
Kat med verrekijker.
Katt med kikkert.
Kot z lornetka.
Kocka s dalekohled.
Mand med kikkert.
Macska tavcsovel.
Kissa kiikariella.
Kakis ar binokli.
Kate su ziuuronu.
Cloud Callout:

Everyone knows this was manufactured in late 1919… 

... a cute talking cat with blue eyes on

www.miniaturebinoculars.com told us it was so

The Other Contemporary “Fata Morgana” Product . Der Andere Zeitigen „Fata Morgana“ Produkt. Autre Produit «Fata Morgana» Contemporain. Еще одновременные «Fata Morgana» товаров. En Annan Samtida Fata Morgana Produkt. Otra Contemporáneo «Fata Morgana» Producto. Laltro Prodotto «Fata Morgana» Contemporaneo.