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BRAND DATABASE OF VINTAGE BINOCULARS (TRADEMARK OWNERSHIP ) Marken-Datenbank von Vintage-Ferngläsern (Markenbesitz). Base de Données de Marque de Jumelles Vintage (Propriété des Marques). Брендовая база бинарных биноклей (принадлежность торговой марки). ヴィンテージ双眼鏡のブランドデータベース(商標所有権. Branddatabas för Vintagekikare (Varumärkesägande).Merkdatabase van Vintage verrekijkers (Eigendom van een Merk). Base de Datos de Marcas de Binoculares Vintage (Propiedad de Marcas Comerciales).Database del Marchio del Binocolo Vintage (Proprietà del Marchio Commerciale).


































































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Mark Ohno

The following information is from the trademark or intellectual property offices of individual countries, such as the US Patent & Trademark Office/TESS; the Intellectual Property Office (UK), the Canadian Intellectual Property Office; IP Australia; German Deutsches Patent und Markenamp; the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property; Intellectual Property Office of Singapore; Intellectual Property Corp of Malaysia; plus the European Union “Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market”, and Intellectual Property database consolidators such as WIPO/World Intellectual Property Organization and multi country trademark systems such as the Madrid International Trademark System. Results are for words or logo designs registered for binoculars and field glasses are intended only to be used for historical perspective by optics enthusiasts. Researching trademarks is tricky, time consuming, a bit unreliable, and surprisingly subjective depending on search methods, filters, and terminology. The absolute accuracy of my list is specifically disclaimed (for all legal purposes view original documents). It would be nice if every trademark system search allowed filtering by NCL/ NICE product classes (binoculars are Class 9), and by goods/services word (binoculars), and by date range, and by owner name, and in English, and included all trademarks ever registered . But they don’t.  So a word search result often includes many thousands of irrelevant results and time periods. There are 27 harmonized and 33 non harmonized separate national trademark entities, Some searches will not return results on older expired trademarks, which makes them of limited use for this purpose. A few results and searches may or may not require a language I can’t read/write. And I have come across a surprising number of spelling errors. There are trademarks that reflect typed “word”, “word” in a designed typeface; word/ letters integrated in a design, and design (which might also incorporate letters or a word but is not always searchable by that). Use of a word trademark for xx filed in 1960 in country A may or may not have any relevance or association to a filing of the same exact same word in 2003 in country A, or in country B. Names that appear on binoculars can be actual brand names and brand name logos, (such as “Bushnell”), but binoculars often also carry model names (such as “Bushnell” and “Trophy”: both are individually trademarked and “Trophy” is a model line), or may contain words for attributes (such as “Bushnell”and “Broadfield” with both words individually trademarked (Broadfield indicates wide angle). Please note that a country’s trademark for binoculars is ONLY FOR THAT COUNTRY (!!) and IS ONLY FOR THE TERM the trademark is active and renewed and paid for, and has no legal effect elsewhere, or outside the registration period. So a Singapore trademark for a brand of binoculars marketed in Singapore is often but is not necessarily relevant to a brand of binoculars found in the US market with the same name either at the same or at another time. Since a trademark is not necessary to using a brand name, many or most names were used for some time prior to being trademarked, so a trademark date is not necessarily a good indication of start of name usage. Some trademarks have a stated date of name “first commercial use” on the application. And huge numbers of names on binoculars were used without ever being trademarked. Trademarks normally run until not renewed, and are then cancelled or expunged automatically as abandoned. Few companies let their trademark expire while still actively selling products using it, except for obsolete trademarked logos or typefaces. And there can be successive trademark owners and company name changes. and trademark data may only reflect last registered owner. Most trademark dates below are for “registration date” and for “binoculars” or “field glasses”. Some trademarks also encompass other named products (store brand may have hundreds). This effort started as targeting trademarks related to miniature pattern binoculars, but later expanded to all binoculars brand trademarks. The concentration is on pre 1980 trademarks. A quantity of pre 1980 binocular name trademarks have been reused after expiration 20 or 30 years later by completely unrelated entities and to list those would be confusing. I sometimes add the descriptive unofficial term “logo” to trademarks that are not “typed word” trademarks to indicate a registered image. There are more binoculars trademarks than I have been able to document. Also fair warning: I am pretty sure I can’t type this many names and numbers without making some typo errors!

Text Box: Feel free to refer to, or to use a line of this information elsewhere (mentioning website would be appreciated) BUT PLEASE DO NOT COPY AND re POST THIS LIST !  (It represents hundreds of hours of research effort). Bitte kopiere und poste diese Liste nicht.S'il vous plaît ne pas copier et afficher cette liste.Пожалуйста, не копируйте и не публикуйте этот список.このリストをコピーして投稿しないでください。Vänligen kopiera inte och skriv den här listan.Kopieer en plaats deze lijst alstublieft niet.Por favor no copie y publique esta lista.Si prega di non copiare e pubblicare questo elenco.


ACCURA binoculars (US trademark/logo 71648425) REGISTERED 1954, expired 1995 Photographic Importing & Distributing Corp, NYC, USA

ACTA binoculars (Malaysian trademark 2/28/1998) REGISTERED 1954, expired 2006, Samsung Techwin Co Ltd, Korea

ADMIRAL binoculars (Swiss trademark2P-325036) REGISTERED 4/1983, GMC Trading AG Wallisellen Switzerland.

ADMIRAL binoculars: (US trademark 73582674) REGISTERED 2/14/1986, current in force, Pioneer Marketing, USA, then Steiner Optik, Germany

AEROLITE binoculars (US trademark 73570749) REGISTERED 11/27/1985, cancelled 2007, Swift Inst, Ma., the Safe T Gard Sport Optics, USA

AIR DROP binoculars: (US trademark 75463952) REGISTERED 4/7/1998, cancelled 2011, Fuji Photo Optical Co., Japan

AIRGUIDE binoculars: (Australian trademark 192306) REGISTERED 1/191959, expired 1986, Airguide Instrument Co, Chicago, Il. USA

AIRGUIDE binoculars: (Canadian trademark TMA118782) REGISTERED 7/13/1959, expunged 2006, Johnson Outdoors, Inc. Wisconsin, USA

AIRGUIDE binoculars: (US trademark 72192872) REGISTERED 1964, expired 2005, Airguide Instrument Co, Chicago, Il. USA

AIRMAX binoculars: (US trademark 78208724) REGISTERED 1/30/2003, current in force, Deben Group Industries, Ltd, UK

AKICA binoculars (US trademark 75195605) REGISTERED 11/11/1997, cancelled 2004, Akica Corp, Ca, USA

ALCRON binoculars: (new Zealand trademark 56625) REGISTERED 6/16/1955, expired 2012, J Yock & Co Ltd, Aukland, New Zealand

ALL PRO binoculars: (US trademark 72443631) REGISTERED 12/13/1972, expunged date?, S S Kresge Co, Troy, Michigan, USA

ALOMA binoculars: logo Japanese trademark from 1961 of Tokyo Optical Manufacturing Co Ltd.

ALPICO binoculars: (US trademark 71641511) REGISTERED 1/29/1953, date of expiration?, Kern & Co.,Aarau, Switzerland

AMBASSADOR binoculars (US trademark 74643203) REGISTERED 1995, cancelled 2003, Gamila Enterprises N.A., Inc

AMPLIVID binoculars (Canadian trademark/ TMA110940) REGISTERED 7/18/1958, expunged 1988, Ernst Leitz GmbH, Germany

ANCHOR binoculars: (US trademark 71607582) REGISTERED 12/12/1950, cancelled 2013, Anchor Optical Co/ Edmund Scientific Co, USA

ANSCO binoculars: (Canadian trademark TMDA13085) 1908, expunged 2017?, Ansco Co, then W. Haking Enterprises Ltd, Hong Kong

ANSCO binoculars: (US trademark 73185631) REGISTERED 9/14/1978, cancelled 2002, W. Haking Enterprises Ltd, Hong Kong

ANTLER binoculars (US trademark 74049888) REGISTERED 1990, abandoned 1992, Tasco Sales Inc, USA

AP (logo) binoculars (Canadian trademark TMA127076) REGISTERED 6/29/1962, Asahi Kogaku Kogyo Kabushiki Kabushiki Kaisha, Japan APACHE binoculars: (US trademark 74476550) REGISTERED 7/29/1997, cancelled 2008, Pioneer & Co, Moorestown, NJ USA

APOLLO binoculars: (Australian TM 242690) REG 6/1970; German TM 787985 5/1963; Israel TM 32688 9/22/1970; UK TM 8999304 8/6/1966; all registered to Apollo-Optik Gmbh.

APOLLO (US trademark 72271247 REGISTERED 11/5/1967, cancelled 1999 Foto Quelle Gmbh Ltd., Germany

APSILON (EUIPO/European Union trademark 279125 REGISTERED 6/13/1996, cancelled 2007, W Haking Ent., Hong Kong

ARGUS binoculars: (Canadian TM UCA19703), filed 1944; Argus Inc, Michigan, USA, Australian TM 81898 (logo)6/1944 Concord Camera

ARMADA binoculars (US trademark 74643205) REGISTERED 1995, cancelled 2003, Gamila Enterprises N.A. , Inc

ARROW binoculars: (Canadian trademark tma117445), REGISTERED 4/1/1960, expunged, Elmo Canada Mfg Corp., Ontario, Canada

ASAHI PENTAX binoculars (Zimbabwe trademark ZW/T/1960/1137) REGISTERED 7/15/1960 Hoya Corp. Japan

ASTRON binoculars: (Australian trademark 121467) REGISTERED 12/22/1954-2026, C. R. Kennedy&Co. Pty Australia,

ASTRON binoculars: (New Zealand trademark 166404) REGISTERED 7/2/1986-current to 2027, C. R. Kennedy&Co. Pty Australia

ATCO (in diamond) binoculars: (US trademark 72075964 ) REGISTERED 6/18/1959 cancelled 4/28/2001, American Thermoware Co NYC, USA.

ATCO ) binoculars: (US trademark 717777) REGISTERED 5/20/1954, expired 1996, first use claimed 1924,, American Thermoware Co NYC, USA.

AURORA binoculars (US trademark 75149312) REGISTERED 8/13/1996, cancelled 2008, Simmons Outdoor Corp then Bushnell Inc, USA

AXIA binoculars (US trademark 76366158) REGISTERED 2002, abandoned 2003, Fuji Photo bFilm USA

BAKER DELUXE binoculars: believed a brand of Baker Instruments Ltd., 118 Doncaster Ave, Thornhill, L3T1L3 UK

BANNER binoculars: (Canadian trademark TMA113354) REGISTERED 1958, current in force, DP Bushnell & Co Inc., USA

BANNER binoculars: (US trademark 72059261) REGISTERED 9/22/1958, current in force, DP Bushnell & Co Inc/ Bushnell Corp, USA

BARR & STROUD binoculars: (US trademark 73357491) FILED 11/4/1986, cancelled 2007, Barr & Stroud Ltd, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

BARSKA binoculars: (US trademark 74534769) REGISTERED 1994, current in force, Mico World Corp, Ca., USA

BEAULIEU binoculars: (US trademark 72175460), REGISTERED 12/27/1966, expunged, Marcel Beaulieu, France

BECELER binoculars: (Malaysian trademark S/010756) REGISTERED 6/27/170, removed 1976, The Borneo Co Ltd, London, UK

BELFONT binoculars: (US trademark 72325252) REGISTERED 4/18/1969, expired 1/1/4/ 2001 W. Bell & Co, Washington DC. USA.

  BELL & HOWELL binoculars: (Canadian trademark TMA259945) REGISTERED 1979,Canadian binoculars use from 1981 expunged 1997, Bell & Howell Co, Skokie, Illinois, USA

BENDER OPTIK binoculars: (US trademark/logo 77498470) REGISTERED 6/13/2008, cancelled 2017, Schmidt & Bender GmbH, Gemany

BERETTA binoculars: (US trademark 73764479) REGISTERED 11/18/1988, cancelled 1996, Fabbrica D’Armi P Beretta, Brescia, Italy

BIGCAT binoculars: (US trademark 76214342) REGISTERED 2/22/2001, current in force, BSA Optics,Florida, USA

BIG CAT binoculars: (US trademark 75479891) REGISTERED 5/5/1998, abandoned1999, BSA Optics,Florida, USA

BIG HORN binoculars: (US trademark/logo 75565932) REGISTERED 1998, current in force, Pioneer & Co, Moorestown, NJ USA

BINOCTOR binoculars: (Canadian trademark UCA49398) FILED 9/3/1954, expunged 4/1984, Kaen Optical Co Ltd, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

BINOLUX binoculars: (US trademark 71679170) REG 7/19/1954 –present, Compass Industries Inc, USA. BINOX binoculars: (Canadian trademark TMA327676, REGISTERED 6/21/1985, expunged 2002. K.K. Binox, Japan

BINOX binoculars: (US trademark 73094149) REGISTERED 2/14/1978, cancelled 7/1984 Binox International, Melno Park, Ca., USA

BINOX binoculars: (US trademark 73682494, REGISTERED 1/9/1987, cancelled 1995, contemporary Concepts International Inc, DC, USA

BIRKS binoculars: (Canadian design trademark TMA575763)

B & L binoculars: (US trademark /logo 71585099, REGISTERED 9/21/1949, cancelled 1992, Bausch & Lomb Optical Co, Rochester, NY, USA

BLUE WATER binoculars: (US trademark /logo 73675325, REGISTERED 2/28/1989, cancelled 2009West Marine IHC I Inc, Ca, USA

BRIGHTVIEW binoculars: (US trademark/logo 77387155) REG 2008, current in force, BSA Optics Inc, then Gamo Outdoor USA Inc, Fl , USA

BROADFIELD binoculars: (Canadian trademark TMA114438), REGISTERED 5/12/1958, expunged 2005, D P Bushnell & Co/Bushnell Corp., USA

BROADFIELD binoculars: (US trademark 71683482) REGISTERED 3/15/1955, EXPIRED 9/1996 D.P. Bushnell & Co., USA

BUCKHORN binoculars (US trademark 78361815) REGISTERED 2004, current in force, Bushnell Inc, USA

BURTON DURA TEST binoculars: believed a brand of R.H. Burton Co Grove City Ohio., USA

BUSCH binoculars (Canadian trademark/logo UCA49177) REG 6/28/1954, expunged 1984, Pecision Cameras of Canada, Quebec, Canada

BUSHMASTER binoculars: (Australian trademark2 626703) REG 1994, REMOVED 2011, BCI International Developments, Pty, Ltd, Australia.

BUSHMASTER binoculars (US trademark 74699162) REGISTERED 1995, cancelled 2007, Certain Rights, Ltd, Costa Mesa, Ca USA

BUSHNELL TRIPLE TESTED binoculars (Canadian trademark TMA114810) FILED 1958, expunged 2017?, D.P. Bushnell & Co., USA

CADALLAC binoculars logo: (US trademark 71662080) REGISTERED 5/3/1954, date cancelled ?, Compass Instrument & Optical Corp,USA CALDARA binoculars (US trademark 85064303) REGISTERED 6/16/2010, , current in force, Kreuger Optical Inc., Oregon, USA

CALYOSO binoculars: (US trademark 75726520) REGISTERED 1999, current in force, Gutmann Cutlery Co. NYC

CANON binoculars: (Malaysian trademark/logo R/018732) REGISTERED 1979, current in force, Canon Kabushiki Kaisha, Japan

CARL ZEISS binoculars (Canadian trademark/logo UCA48702) REGISTERED 6/20/1953 expunged 1999 Carl Zeiss AG, Germany

CARL ZEISS binoculars (US trademark 74275059) REGISTERED 5/13/1992 , current in force, Carl Zeiss AG, Germany

CARL ZEISS JENA binoculars (Malaysian trademark MB046980) REGISTERED1966, expired 2001, VEB Carl Zeiss Jena , Germany

CAROL binoculars: (Canadian trademark UCA39209) REGISTERED 3/20/1950, expunged 12/17/1996, Imperial Optical Co Ltd Canada (unknown if applicable to Kanto Carol binoculars)

CARSON binoculars: (US trademark 74687650) REGISTERED 6/9/1995, cancelled 2004 Cameron International Trading Co, USA

CARSON binoculars: (US trademark/logo 76422816) REGISTERED 6/17/2002, current in force, Cameron International Trading Co, then Carson Optical Inc. Ronkonkoma, NY, USA

CARTON binoculars: (US trademark/logo 76396103) REGISTERED 4/18/2002, current in force, Carton Optical Industries Ltd, Tokyo, Japan. CASEL binoculars logo: (US trademark 72275722) REGISTERED 2/13/1968, Rozinsky’s Inc, Connecticut, USA

CELEBRITY binoculars: (Canadian trademark TMA247273) REGISTERED 11/2/1979, expunged 1996, Sears Canada Inc., Canada

CELESTRON binoculars: (Australian trademark 277736) REGISTERED 4/22/1974, current in force, Celestron International, Ca, USA

CENTURA binoculars: (US trademark 72321463) REG 3/12/1969, Broadway Hale Stores Inc., Ca., USA.

CENTURY binoculars: (UK trademark 957981) REGISTERED 4/9/1970, expired 2005, Johnson Photopia Ltd, UK

CENTURY MK IV binoculars: (US trademark 72406288) REGISTERED 10/21/1971, Douglas Dunhill Inc, Chicago, Ilinois, USA

CFT binoculars: (US trademark 77138497) REGISTERED 3/23/2007, cancelled 2015, Safe T Gard sport Optics, Lakewood, Co. USA

CHAMP binoculars: (US trademark/logo 73617586) REGISTERED 7/26/1988, cancelled 1995,Pioneer Marketing & Research, Westmont, NJ, USA

CHAMP binoculars: (US trademark 76698219) REGISTERED 2009, current in force, Steiner Optik GmbH, Germany

CHAMPION binoculars: (US trademark 75051590) REGISTERED 1996, abandoned 1997, Vivitar Corp, California, USA

CHIMO binoculars: (Canadian trademark TMA273368) FILED 6/23/1982, expunged 1998, Zellers Inc/ Woodward Stores BC, Canada

CLARLUX binoculars (International trademark 25 countries) REGISTERED 1958, expired 2009?, Carl Zeiss AG, Germany

CLEARSITE binoculars: 1956 Customs court records suggest Clearsite binoculars were  a non trademarked brand of Tanross Supply Co

COASTAR binoculars: (Singapore trademark/logo T8806786J) REGISTERED 11/29/1988, expired 1995, Lian Sun Enterprises Ltd, Singapore

COLGAR binoculars: (Australian trademark 117260) REGISTERED 10/2/1954, removed 1966, Colgar Pty Ltd., Melbourne, Vic, Australia

COMETRON binoculars: (US trademark/logo 73504275) REGISTERED1985, cancelled 1991, Cellestron Int, Torrance, California, USA

COMMANDER binoculars: (US trademark 73588686) REGISTERED 3/18/1986, current, Pioneer Marketing, then Steiner Optik GmbH, Germany

COMMANDER  binoculars: (US trademark 73363862) REGISTERED1982, current in force, Steiner Optik GmbH, Germany

COMMODORE binoculars: (UK trademark 993978 ) REG 6/20/1972 –2017 Littlewoods Ltd, UK.

COMPASS binoculars: (Canadian trademark TMA272066 REG 4/14/1981, expunged 1998, Orleans International Enterprises Inc, Canada

COMPASS binoculars: (US trademark/logo 72310541) REGISTERED 10/25/1968, expired 7/10/1995, Compass Instrument & Optical Co Inc. NY, USA .

COMPONAR binoculars:( US trademark 72179945) REG 10/28/1963, current in force , Jos, Schneider Optiche Werke GmbH, Germany

CONCEPT binoculars:( US trademark 73056503) REGISTERED 6/30/1975, EXPIRED 1993, Zayre Corp, Ma., USA

CONDOR binoculars: (Australian trademark/logo411697) REGISTERED 1984, lapsed 1988, Gerber Optical Supplies . Australia

CONDOR binoculars: (New Zealand trademark 152492) REGISTERED 1984, lapsed 2012, Ian r Little. Ltd, Christchurch, NZ

CONDOR binoculars: (US trademark 73738427) FILED 1988, cancelled 1995, Swift Instruments, Ma, USA

CONQUEST binoculars: (Canadian trademark TMA584376 ) REGISTERED 2/21/2001, current in force, Carl Zeiss AG, Germany

CONQUEST binoculars: (German trademark 30081757) REGISTERED 3/21/2001, Carl Zeiss Stiftung, then Carl Zeiss AG, Germany

CONQUEST binoculars: (Iraeli trademark V0043764) REG 9/12/2001, current to 2021, Carl Zeiss Stiftung, then Carl Zeiss AG, Germany

CONQUEST binoculars: (US trademark 76229065) REG 3/21/2001, current in force, Carl Zeiss Stiftung, then Carl Zeiss AG, Germany

CONSUMERS binoculars: (Canadian trademark TMA335024) REG 3/21/1975, expunged 2003.

COPITAR binoculars: (US trademark 74259298) REGISTERED 3/1992 ( first used 1966 ),cancelled 12/2000, Copitar Co Ltd, Japan.

CRITERION binoculars (US trademark 75492052) REGISTERED 5/28/1998, expired 2009 Bushnell Corp, USA

CSTAR OPTICS binoculars: (US trademark/logo 75442050) REG Feb 1998, cancelled Apr 2006, CStar Optics Inc , Baldwin Park, Ca., USA

CSTAR OPTICS binoculars: (US trademark/logo 85362725 REGISTERED 2011, current in force, Lowell Enterprise Co. Ltd, Taiwan

CUSTOM binoculars (Canadian trademark TMA 401508) REG 8/14/1991, Canadian use since 1956, current , Bausch & Lomb Inc. USA

CUSTOM binoculars (US trademark 73312818) REGISTERED 1/6/1981, current in force, Bausch & Lomb Inc., then Bushnell Inc., USA

DACOTE binoculars: not trade marked brand used by retail chain Dave Cook Sporting Goods inc

DANHILL OPTICAL binoculars (US trademark/logo 73012459 REGISTERED 1974, cancelled 1996, Danhill Optical Co, Great Neck, NY, USA

DAYLITE binoculars (US trademark 192,737) FILED 5/5/1964 for binoculars, field & opera & theater glasses, telescopes, spotting scopes and microscopes was held by McDowell-Wellmang Engineering Co, first use July 21, 1960

DESERT ROSE, binoculars (US trademark 74528627) REGISTERED 1996, cancelled 2002, Nikon Inc, Melville, NY, USA

DIACOMP binoculars (US trademark 75137403) REGISTERED 7/22/1996, cancelled 2005, Carl Zeiss Stiftung, Germany

DIAFUN binoculars (Canadian trademark TMA539030) REGISTERED 1998,expunged 2017, Carl Zeiss Stiftung, Germany

DIAFUN binoculars (German trademark 397 57 159) REGISTERED 2/3/1998, status ? Carl Zeiss Stiftung, Germany

DIAFUN binoculars (US trademark 75627299) REGISTERED 1/26/1999, cancelled 2011, Carl Zeiss Stiftung, then Carl Zeiss AG, Germany

DIALYT binoculars (Australian trademark 217212) REGISTERED 2/27/1968, current in force, Carl Zeiss AG, Germany

DIALYT binoculars (Canadian trademark TMA161021) REGISTERED 2/29/1968, current in force, Carl Zeiss AG, Germany

DIALYT binoculars (UK trademark 920352) REGISTERED 1/30/1968, current in force to 2023, Carl Zeiss AG, Germany

DIASCOPE binoculars (Canadian trademarkTMA584390) REGISTERED 2/21/2001, current in force, Carl Zeiss AG, Germany

DIASCOPE binoculars (German trademark 30081756) REGISTERED /2001, Carl Zeiss AG, Germany

DIASCOPE binoculars (Israeli trademark/logoV0043763) REGISTERED 2001, current in force to 2021, Carl Zeiss AG, Germany

DIASCOPE binoculars (Singapore trademark/logoTo11426H) FILED 6/22/2001, current in force  Carl Zeiss AG, Germany

DIAVARI binoculars (Madrid Monitor world trademark 408344, REGISTERED1974, Carl Zeiss AG,Germany: effective in Austria, Benelux, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Czech rep, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France,Germany Hungary, Italy, Kazakhstan, Korea (rep), Norway, , Portugal, Romania, Russian fed, Slovakia, Slovenia,Spain, Switzerland, UK, Ukraine, Viet Nam

DIMENSION binoculars: (Canadian trademark TMA156962) REGISTERED 5/10/1966, expunged 1983, Anglophoto Ltd, Montreal, Que, Canada

DISCOVERER binoculars (Canadian trademark TMA 401518) REGISTERED 8/29/1991, Canadian use since 1976, current, Bushnell Inc, USA

DISCOVERER binoculars (US trademark 75035428) REGISTERED 12/21/1995, current in force, Bushnell Inc, USA

DISTAR binoculars (UK trademark 362971) REGISTERED 8/1/1914,expired 2008, Carl Zeiss AG, Germany

DOLLONDS binoculars: believed a brand of Dollond & Aitchison, 28 Old Bond St, London, W1, UK. Pre 2009

DPS binoculars: (US trademark 75239041) REGISTERED 1997, cancelled 2008, Olympus Optical Co., Limited, Japan

DUOVID binoculars: (Canadian trademark TMA579347) REGISTERED 2001, current in force, Leitz Camera AG, Germany

DUOVID binoculars: (US trademark 76214183) REGISTERED 2/22/2001, cancelled 2012, Leitz Camera AG, Germany

DURALYT binoculars: (New Zealand trademark 815883) REGISTERED 11/17/2009) current in force, Carl Zeiss AG, Germany

DURALYT binoculars: (US trademark 77959284) REGISTERED 3/15/2010) cancelled 2017, Carl Zeiss AG, Germany

DUSK & DAWN binoculars (US trademark 75443207) FILED 1998, current in force, then Bushnell Inc., USA

DYNARON binoculars: (International trademark 44790 ) REGISTERED 9/25/1979, believed lapsed, Voightlander GmbH, Germany

EAGLES BLUFF binoculars: (US trademark 75448217) REGISTERED 1998, cancelled 2007 Gutmann Cutlery Co. NYC<USA

EAGLEVIEW binoculars (UK trademark 74603797) REGISTERED 11/28/1994, current in force, Nikon Corp, Japan

ECLIPSE binoculars: (Australian trademark 240406) REGISTERED 8/7/1970, removed 1991, Phillips Industries Holdings Ltd Australia

EDDIE BAUER binoculars: (US trademark 72263980) REGISTERED 1976, current in force, Eddie Bauer Licensing Services LLC

EDGE MARK binoculars: (US trademark/LOGO 72413722) REGISTERED 1/26/1992, current in force, Gutmann Cutlery Co. NYC, USA

EDIXA binoculars (UK trademark 735059) REGISTERED 10/15/1954, expired 2003, Johnson Photopia, Staffordshire, UK

EDNAR binoculars: (US trademark 73682369) REGISTERED 5/4/1987, cancelled Feb 1995, Ednar Inc, Japan.

EDROY binoculars (US trademark 73442181) REGISTERED 1983, current in force, Edroy Products, Nyack, NY, USA

EDSCORP binoculars: (US trademark 71637796) REGISTERED 11/6/1952, expired 2005, Edmund Scientific Corp. NJ, USA

ELCAN binoculars (US trademark 72080330) REGISTERED 8/27/1959, current in force, Ernst Leitz GmbH, then Raytheon Canada Ltd, Canada

ELCAN binoculars (Canadian TM: TMA119005), 7/29/1960; (Canadian TM: 72080330) 1.24/1961eRNST Leitz Canada/Ratheon, Canada

ELITE binoculars (Canadian trademark TMA389578) REG 4/20/1990, Canada use since 1985, current, Bausch & Lomb then Bushnell Inc., USA

ELITE binoculars (US trademark73832394) REGISTERED 10/19/1989, Bausch & Lomb Inc., then Bushnell Inc., USA

ELMAR binoculars: (US trademark 72022372) REGISTERED 1957,  Ernst Leitz GmbH, Germany

ELTRO binoculars (aqzaUS trademark/ 73019702) REGISTERED 4/24/1974, expired 1974, Zeiss-Eltro Optronic GmbH, Germany

EMPIRE binoculars: (Australian trademark 417212) REGISTERED10/1984-1991, Jason Empire Inc., USA

EMPIRE binoculars: (Canadian trademark TMA173229) REGISTERED 4/30/1969, expunged 2001, Jason/Empire Inc, Bushnell Corp , USA.

EMPIRE binoculars: (US trademark/logo 72164856) REGISTERED 3/18/1963, cancelled 8/28/2004 Jason Empire, Overland Park, Kansa, USA. ENSIGN binoculars (US trademark 74297549) REGISTERED 9/3/1993, cancelled 2003, Bausch & Lomb Inc., then Bushnell Inc., USA

ENSIGN binoculars (US trademark 779030665) REGISTERED 8/18/2006, cancelled 2016, Alfred Dunhill Ltd, UK

ESCHENBACH binoculars: (US trademark/logo 73091848) FILED 6/28/1976, Eschenbach Optik GmbH & Co, Germany

ESQUIRE binoculars: (Australian trademark 192784) REGISTERED 2/11/1965, removed ,2000, Hawke (Aust) Ltd, Vic, Australia

ESSEL binoculars (US trademark 72173290) REGISTERED 8/17/1963. cancelled 1989, Societe des Lunetiers (Cottet, Poichet, Tagnon & Cie, France

ETERNA binoculars (UK trademark 74229909) REGISTERED 12/12/1991, Brunton Co., USA

EUMIG binoculars: (Australian trademark/ logo 168278 REGISTERED 8/4/1961

EVOCA binoculars: (US trademark 75196383) REGISTERED 1996, cancelled 2009, Samsung Opto-Electronics Corp, Secacus, NJ 07094

EXCELSIOR binoculars (UK trademark 947479) REGISTERED 8/26/1969, expired 2004, Johnson Photopia Ltd.

EXCURSION binoculars (US trademark 78481170) REGISTERED 9/9/2004,  Bushnell Inc, USA

EXPLORER binoculars (US trademark 73146307) REGISTERED 10/27/1977, Bausch & Lomb, then Bushnell Inc, USA

EXPO binoculars: (US trademark 72356616) REGISTERED4/13/70, expired 1992, Bushnell Optical Corp., California, USA

EXPS binoculars: (US trademark 75238975) REGISTERED 1997, cancelled 2008, Olympus Optical Co., Limited, Japan

EYAS binoculars: (UK trademark 1240043) REGISTERED 6/23/1980 expired 2001, Greenkat Ltd, Surrey, UK.

FALCON binoculars: (UK trademark 1135777) REGISTERED 4/18/1985 expired 2006, Greenkat Ltd, Surrey, UK.

FASTVIEW binoculars (US trademark 74117453) REGISTERED 11/21/1990, cancelled 2003, Bausch & Lomb Inc., then Bushnell Inc., USA

FATA MORGANA binoculars: (US trademark ) REGISTERED 7/28/1919, expired, Alfred Baumann, Cassel, Germany

FB binoculars: (Canadian trademark TMA483472) REGISTERED 10/30/1996, Pentax Corp., then Pentax Ricoh Imaging Co Ltd, Japan

FIREVIEW binoculars: (US trademark 74595788) REGISTERED1994, abandoned 2008, Simmons Outdoor Corp, USA

FLABINO binoculars: (US trademark 75130258) REGISTERED 1996, abandoned 1996 Asahi Kogaku Kabushiki Kaisha, Japan

FLOATER binoculars: (US trademark 75726518) REGISTERED 1999, cancelled 2007 Gutmann Cutlery Co. NYC, USA

FM binoculars: (US trademark 72265942), REGISTERED 7/22/1969, cancelled 6/3/2012, Fed Mart Corp, California, USA

FOCAL binoculars: (Canadian trademark TMA270461) REGISTERED 8/28/1981, used in Canada since 1975, expunged 1998, K Mart Corporation Michigan, USA. FOCAL binoculars: (US trademark 72312306) REGISTERED 11/15/1968, expired 7/20/2002, K Mart Corporation Michigan, USA. F F SUN binoculars: (Australian trademark/logo 137095) REGISTERED 5/22/1958, Gotosun KK, Chiba Ken, Japan

FUJI binoculars: (Australian trademark/logo 164711) REGISTERED 1/20/1961

FUJINON binoculars: (Canadian trademark TMA401187) REGISTERED 4/24/1991, expunged 2017, Fuji Photo Film Co Ltd., Japan

FUJI MEIBO VARIOMATIC binoculars (New Zealand trademark 67056) REGISTERED 1960, expired 2012, Fuji Photo Film Co. Japan

FURY binoculars (US trademark 77129587) REGISTERED 3/13/2007, cancelled 2014, Sheltered Wings Inc, Middletown, Wi, USA

FUTURA binoculars (US trademark 74694939) REGISTERED 6/29/1995, cancelled 2007, Tasco Sales inc Inc., then Bushnell Inc., USA

GALLERY OPTICAL binoculars (US trademark/logo 73157383) REGISTERED 2/2/1978, cancelled 1985, Gallery Optical Co, Inc, NJ, USA

GAMEKING binoculars: (Australian trademark 1272727) REGISTERED 11/17/2008, Filmtip Pty, Ltd , Australia

GALILEO binoculars (US trademark 74426300) REGISTERED 8/19/1993, Discipline Marketing Inc then Kson Optics-Electronics Co Ltd, China

GALLERY OPTICAL binoculars (US trademark/logo 73157383) REGISTERED 2/2/1978, cancelled 1985, Gallery Optical Inc, Garden city, NY USA

GAMEVIEW binoculars (US trademark 74641785) REGISTERED 3/3/1985, abandoned 1997, Simmons Outdoor Corp then Bushnell Inc, USA

GARRETT OPTICAL binoculars: (US trademark 78807217) REGISTERED 2006, cancelled 2017, Garrett Optical, LLC, OK, USA

GECO binoculars (New Zealand trademark 114464) REGISTERED 1/21/1976, expired 2012, Dynamit Nobel Aktiengesellschaft, Germany

GEMINI binoculars: (US trademark 78807205) REGISTERED 2006, cancelled 2017, Garrett Optical LLC, Tulso. Oklahoma, USA

GENDIS binoculars: (Canadian trademark TMAUCA36485) REGISTERED 4/25/1950, current in force, General Distributors Ltd, Canada

GENTLEMAN binoculars: (US trademark 76157915) REGISTERED 2000, cancelled 2009, Gutmann Cutlery Co. NYC

GEOVID binoculars: (US trademark 74334203) REGISTERED 1992, cancelled 2016, Leica Camera AG Corp, Germany

GERBER binoculars: (Australian trademark 318141) REGISTERED 5/1978, expired 5/1999, Gerber Optical Supplies, NSW, Australia.

GIANTVIEW binoculars: (US trademark 78944574) REGISTERED 2006, Imaginova Corp then Optronic Technologies Inc, Ca, USA

GLASSES ON binoculars (US trademark/logo 74145219) REGISTERED 1992, cancelled 2003, Jason Empire, then Bushnell Inc, USA

GLORY binoculars: claimed trademark (Japan?) of Katsuma Optical Co by Richard Reichert in “Binoculars & Scopes’ pub 1961

GOLDCREST binoculars: (Canadian trademark TMA143855) FILED 1966, expunged 1981, Spencer McMullen Ltd., Toronto, Ont., Canada

GOLD CREST binoculars: (US trademark 72182953) REGISTERED 12/13/1963, expired 3/1/1985, Lenco, Inc. Chicago  Illinois, USA.

GOLD CUP binoculars: (US trademark 72214593) REG 3/22/1965, expired 1/18/1989, Fred Meyer Inc., USA.

GOLDEN ANTLER binoculars (US trademark 74029894) REGISTERED 2/20/1990, Tasco Sales Inc, then Bushnell Inc., USA

GOLDEN EAGLE binoculars: (Australian trademark 319792) REGISTERED 7/6/1978 :Yasuhiro Tominaga

GOLDEN HAWK binoculars: (Australian trademark 34189) REGISTERED 1980, removed 1987, Halfords IP, NSW, Australia

GOLD LINE binoculars: (US trademark 72422439) REGISTERED 4/26/1972 , expired 1994 Gutmann Cutlery Co. NYC, USA

GRAND SLAM binoculars: (US trademark 74020177) REGISTERED 1/18/1990, abandoned 1993, G.U. Inc., Omaha, NE USA

GRAND SLAM binoculars: (US trademark 75764097) REGISTERED 7/30/1999, Simmons Outdoor Corp, then Alliant Techystems , USA

GREAT WALL binoculars: (Malaysian trademark M/073739) REGISTERED 1976, removed 2014, China Resources Co, Hong Kong

GREENKAT binoculars: (UK trademark/logo 1111759) REGISTERED 3/27/1979 expired 2000, Greenkat Ltd, Surrey, UK

GREENKAT binoculars: (UK trademark 842586) REGISTERED 12/6/1962, expired 1997, Greenkat Ltd, Surrey, UK.

HABICHT binoculars: claimed trademark of Swarovski Optik KG by Richard Reichert in “Binoculars & Scopes’ pub 1961

HACO binoculars: ( Canadian TM: TMA214125) 5/29/1975, expunged 1991, Hagemeijer & Co, Amsterdam, Netherlands .

HACO binoculars: (Malaysian TM M031780) 6/25/1959, removed 1980; (Malaysian TM R/002874) 6/25/1959, removed 2007; (Singapore trademark T5925133j) 6/24/1959, expired 1980: all for Hagemeyer Trading Co (Malaya) Ltd .

HAKUBA binoculars: (US TM:74299062) 7/29/1992, abandoned 5/31/1994; (US TM 74299063) 7/29/1992, abandoned 5/31/1994; (UK trademark 1132406), REGISTERED 4/22/1980; all for Hakuba Photo Industry Co. Ltd, Tokyo, Japan

HALE OPTICAL binoculars: (Canadian trademark TMA440578) REGISTERED 11/17/1993, Fort Optical Ltd, Vancouver, BC, Canada

HALLEY’S binoculars: (US trademark 73367065) REGISTERED 5/28/1982, abandoned 1983, Seiko Sporting Goods USA Inc, USA

HALINA : binoculars: (Australian TM: 177153) REG 1962, (UK TM: 1049758) 8/21/1956 W. Haking Enterprises Ltd, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong.

HAMBLETONIAN binoculars: (per US patent 657,365 July 1953 owned by Peerless Camera Stores, NY, USA

HAMILTIN’S binoculars(Zinbabwe trademark ZW/T/1973/37) REGISTERED 1/16/1973 Hamiltons Wholesale& Manufacturing Co Ltd.

HANIMEX binoculars: (US trademark 72287549 REGISTERED 12/26/1967, cancelled 2012, Hanimex PTY Ltd, Australia

HANSA binoculars: (UK trademark/logo 1049758) REGISTERED 7/1975, expired 1996, Omiya Shiji Kabushiki Kaisha, Japan

HANSA optical apparatus: (Australian trademark 289057) 7/1975-1996, dead, Omiya Shoji KK, Japan.

HARRIER binoculars: (US trademark 76464792) REGISTERED 2002, abandoned 2005, Pioneer & Co., Moorstown, NJ, USA

HARRISON binoculars: (Canadian trademark UGA49821) FILED 4/29/1954, first Canadian use 1857, Harrison Co, Montreal< Quebec Canada

HAWKEYE binoculars: (US trademark 75978240) REGISTERED 1995, cancelled 2009, Vivitar Corp., then Sakar Acquisition, NJ, USA

HEBER-STRAP binoculars: (US trademark 73724971) REGISTERED 4/27/1988, cancelled 2009, Brell Mar Products Inc, Mississippi, USA

HEMISPHERE binoculars: (US trademark 78182006) REGISTERED 2003, cancelled 2009,current in force, Bushnell Inc, USA

HENSOLDT binoculars (US trademark/logo 71666468) REGISTERED 1955,expired 1996, M. Hensoldt & Sohne, Optiche Werke AG, Germany

HERON binoculars (US trademark 73570751) REGISTERED 11/27/1985, cancelled 1993, Swift Instruments Inc, Ma, USA

HFC binoculars (US trademark 75897467) REGISTERED 2000, cancelled 2009, Gander Mountain LLC, Minnesota, USA, USA

HIGH COUNTRY binoculars (US trademark/logo 7447976) REGISTERED 1/14/1994, cancelled 2002, Tasco Sales Inc, USA

HIGH LANDER binoculars: (US trademark75648961) REGISTERED 2/26/1999, Kowa Co Ltd, Nagoya, Japan

HIGH SEAS binoculars: (US trademark 75726519) REGISTERED 1999, cancelled 2007, Gutmann Cutlery Co. NYC

HI-LUX binoculars: (US trademark 76394624) REGISTERED 2002, abandoned 2003, Eastern China Trading Co, California, USA

HORIZON binoculars: NOT trademarked but proprietary use claimed in 1964 Hurricane international catalog HOYA binoculars: (US trademark 73024244 ) REG 6/14/1974 claimed use from 4/1951 current, Kabushiki Kaisha Hoya Glass, Tokyo Japan.

HOYAVUE binoculars: (Australian trademark/logo 370602 ) REGISTERED 1/18/1982,cancelled date ?, Hoya Glass KK

HUDSON binoculars: (Canadian trademark 341779) REGISTERED 4/13/1971, with Canadian use since 1958, expunged 1988, Hudson Optical Ltd., BC, Canada

HUMPHREY binoculars: (Australian trademark/logo 1311203) REGISTERED 7/23/2209, lapsed 2010,Banksa productions Pty Ltd, Australia

HUNTMASTER binoculars: (US trademark 72414474) REGISTERED 1972, expired 1995, Mercantile Sales Co, Missouri, USA

HUNTTY binoculars: (US trademark 74637367) REGISTERED 1996, expired 2007,Hunter Optical Co. Ltd, USA

HURRICANE binoculars (US trademark application 9/18/1953 claimed use from 1924 but believed refused ) Hurricane Import Co. 70 Tenth St, San Francisco Ca USA

HURRICANE binoculars (Canadian trademark TMA1REGISTERED61898) REG 3/28/1969, Hurricane Sales Ltd, Vancover BC, Canada

HURRICANE binoculars (US trademark 77129600) REGISTERED 3/13/2007, Sheltered Wings Inc, Middletown, Wisconsin USA

HY SCORE binoculars (US trademark72322772) REGISTERED 3/26/1969 citing first use Oct 1960, expired 1992, SE Laszlo,

IBINO binoculars (US trademark 85543752) REGISTERED 2013, Kamakura Koki Co Ltd., Japan

IMAGEVIEW binoculars (Canadian trademark TMA636158, Bushnell Inc, USA

IMC SPORTMATIC binoculars (US trademark 73812231) REGISTERED 7/13/1989, cancelled 1996, IMC International Ltd, Seoul, Korea

IMPERIAL binoculars: (Canadian trademark TMDA13181) FILED 10/29.1908, expunged 2004, Imperial Optical Co Ltd, Ont, Canada

INSTA-FOCUS binoculars (US trademark 72278282) REGISTERED 8/15/1967, David P Bushnell, then Bushnell Inc., USA

IRIS OPTICAL binoculars (US trademark/logo 7321237) REGISTERED 1969, expired 2001, Kojima Ganko Koki Kabushiki Kaisha, Japan

ITOREX binoculars (Australian trademark/logo 372453) REGISTERED 1982, removed 1989, Nissei Boeki KK, Japan

IVECO binoculars (German trademark/logo 786262) REG 7/3/1961, terminated 2002. Israel Weissbort, Stuttgart.

JASON binoculars: (Canadian TM: TNA173228 ) 4/30/1969, expunged 2016, Jason/Empire, the Bushnell Corp, USA

JASON binoculars: (US trademark/logo 71639059 ) REGISTERED 1952, expired 1994, Jake Levin & Son , USA

JASON binoculars: (US trademark) REG 4/10/1985, cancelled 2006, Bushnell Inc, Overland Park Kansas, USA.

JAYDEE binoculars logo (US trademark 72343718) REGISTERED 11/17/1969, expired date?, Jaydee camera Exchange, NYC, USA

JOHN MARTIN’S binoculars (Australian trademark 230809) REG 7/23/1969, John Martin Retailers Pty Ltd Australia

JUPITER binoculars (Australian trademark 160955) REG 6/13/1960, Pentax Ricoh Imaging Co. Ltd., Japan

JUPITER binoculars (Canadian TM: TMA121915) 7/28/1960; (New Zealand TM: 66300) 5/24/1960; (Singapore TM: T6026774A) 1960; (US TM: 72203781) REGISTERED 10/12/1964: all to Pentax Ricoh Imaging Co. Ltd., Japan

K (in circle logo) binoculars (Canadian trademark UCA8357) REG 4/18/1934, expunged 1994, Kahn Optical Co Ltd,Toronto, Ont., Canada

KALAHARI binoculars (US trademark 85042667) REGISTERED 5/19/2010, cancelled 2017, Kruger Optical Inc, Oregon, USA

KALIMAR binoculars (Canadian trademark TMA108197) REGISTERED 10/6/1956 with first Canadian use 1954 . current in force, Kalamar Inc, USA, . KALIMAR binoculars (new Zealand trademark) REGISTERED 1994 . cancelled 2015 Kalimar Inc USA.

KALIMAR binoculars (US trademark/logo ) REGISTERED 10/13/1992 . cancelled 2016 Tiffen Co.LLC. USA.

KALLOFLEX binoculars (Indian trademark 177911) REGISTERED 1/7/1957, Kofuku Sango Co. Ltd, Japan